Mali Kalemegdan Tavern represents a blend of traditional and modern on the place where Belgrade was born. It is located in the historic heart of Belgrade, within the walls of Kalemegdan (Belgrade Fortress). The perfect place to enjoy traditional cuisine. Restaurant interior with elements of the old Serbian house, a beautiful garden with a capacity of 250 seats overlooking the Kalemegdan park and friendly staff will make your enjoyment complete.

For the national cuisine lovers we highlight the specialty of the house – Kalemegdan's jar (indispensable cevapcici for two, prepared in a special way and served in an earthenware bowl), pork ribs on charcoal and an absolute favorite of our guests - Kalemegdan's plate for two that will satisfy all your senses! Chef, with his creativity and years of experience, is there to turn every dish into a magic that will enchant even the greatest gourmets. In addition to the many specialties of the house, we also offer selections of local cheeses and prosciuttos, as well as an excellent selection of the finest local brandies.

Thanks to the cozy interior and peaceful homey atmosphere, our kahvana is an ideal place for a family lunch, business meeting, as well as for enjoying with friends or loved one.

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New Belgrade and Zemun

minimum for order 900 рсд.

Ушће (13, 14, 15, 16, 21 и блок 22), Сава Центар, Арена, Академија (блокови 25, 28, и 29)

minimum for order 1000 рсд.

Старо сајмиште (17, 18, 19 и блок 20)

minimum for order 1200 рсд.

Газела (18, 19, 23, 24, 42 и блок 43)

minimum for order 1500 рсд.

Фонтана (1, 31, 32 и блок 33), Париске комуне (2, 5, 8 и блок 8а)

minimum for order 1700 рсд.

Студентски град (3, 4, 34, 6 и блок 35)

minimum for order 1900 рсд.

Стари аеродром, Павиљони - Стари Меркатор

minimum for order 2100 рсд.

Савски кеј, Блокови (61, 62 и 72), Сава (44, 45 и блок 71), Младост (63, 64, 65 и делови блока 40)

minimum for order 2200 рсд.

Бежанијска Коса

minimum for order 2700 рсд.

Бежанија (27, делови блока 60 и 49)

minimum for order 3200 рсд.

Земун центар, Дунавски кеј

Old Town

minimum for order 500 рсд.

Дорћол, Сава мала, Теразије

minimum for order 800 рсд.

Врачар, Савски Венац

minimum for order 2500 рсд.

Звездара, Баново Брдо, Чукарица, Палилула (ужи градски део), Дединје, Сењак, Душановац, Медаковић

minimum for order 3000 рсд.

Миријево, Вождовац, Карабурма, Коњарник, Браће Јерковић, Бањица, Жарково, Церак, Миљаковац, Филмски град, Канарево брдо, Мали Мокри Луг, Церак виногради, Видиковац, Вишњичка бања, Степа Степановић, Раковица, Петлово брдо, Лабудово брдо, Велики мокри луг, Крњача, Јајинци, Котеж, Беле Воде

minimum for order 3500 рсд.

Железник, Борча

minimum for order 3900 рсд.

Кумодраж, Калуђерица, Ковилово, Падинска скела

minimum for order 4900 рсд.

Велика Моштаница